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Alpha Classic Motorcycles

Specialists in 70s, 80s & 90s Japanese Classic Motorcycles


Tel:  01278 238090 / 075 161 88848







Below you can read what we have implemented to keep both you and us safe


We respectfully ask that if you feel you cannot adhere to our measures that you don't visit our workshop in this present climate


 Please respect social distancing and stay at least 2 metres (6 ft) away from Alpha staff and other        



 If you, or anyone you have been in recent contact with have any of the COVID-19 symptoms or are  

 self isolating, please do not visit our workshop.


 Please do not enter the workshop unless invited to do so by a member of Alpha staff.


 The entrance to our workshop is roped off.  Do not under any circumstance cock your leg over the

 rope and enter our workshop.


 If entry to our workshop is unavoidable, hand stanitiser must be used or gloves worn.  Face

 coverings must be worn by staff and customers when customers are inside the workshop.   (Hand

 sanitiser is provided by us but please ensure you bring  your own gloves and face covering).


 Whilst inside our workshop or office, please do not touch or lean on/against anything. 


 Please be aware  that our bathroom facilities are unavailable to customers in order to reduce the risk

  of cross  contamination.                              


 As much as possible all conversations regarding the work to be carried out on your motorcycle will  

 take place outside, adhering to social distancing.  Where necessary face coverings must be worn by    

 staff and customers.


 Should you be waiting in our carpark, you are welcome to look at the motorcycles but please do not

 touch them.


 We are trying to manage the number of people on our premises at any one time.  Therefore,

 wherever possible, please phone first to let us know you are coming and at what day/time.


 Should you drop in to see us and there are customers with us already, please stay back until

 those customers have left our premises.


 We are closed on Saturday mornings due to one member of staff being unable to manage

 multiple customers visiting at any one.   Should you need to drop off or pick up your motorcycle on a

 Saturday morning please phone Simon to make an appointment.


 Should a Saturday morning MOT be the only option for you, please phone Simon to book an






Alpha Classic Motorcycles Ltd.


Tel:  01278 238090 / 075 161 88848          Email:

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