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Alpha Classic Motorcycles

Specialists in 70s, 80s & 90s Japanese Classic Motorcycles


Tel:  01278 238090 / 075 161 88848


We are a family run business based in Somerset. We pride ourselves on our personal, informal, friendly service.  Each customer is listened to and treated as an individual. Feel free to drop in for a chat, the kettle is always on as you can see from the picture.



Simon - Managing Director and Head Mechanic.


Simon is a qualified mechanic with over 35 years experience with all the Jap classics. He has a passion for 2 stroke triples, Kawasaki and Suzuki – the more smoke they make the happier he is!  He’s a year round biker but Denise has banned him from riding when the roads are icy ! (or wet, or cold, or over 30 mph!!!). He rides a 1978 Z 1000, a Honda CX 500, a old ZX10 Kawasaki and as many 70's 2 strokes as he can get his hands on. We have found many of our customers suffer the same affliction.


Steve - Director and Serial Bike Collector.


Steve just can't help himself.  He has a habit of turning up late at night with a bike in the back of a van and a case of Lambrini (yeah yeah we know  girls just wanna have fun!).  Steve has been collecting bikes for most of his life.  Restorations have been his passion for years and he owns a pretty impressive collection of Jap classics himself.


Denise - Company Secretary (and cleaner!)


Denise might look placid enough ... but don't be fooled.  She runs the office (and the rest of us!) and looks after the pennies.We call her the ferret. Once she gets her teeth in to something she wont let go.  She's not a year round biker  ... will only ride when the sun is shining and it's 70 degrees plus!


Andy is a highly qualified and skilled mechanic with years of experience  and is a year round biker too.  Not only does he love the Jap classics he's also a BMW specialist.  After 18 years as chief motorcycle technician for the metropolitian police he  joined us at Alpha Classic Motorcycles. Fully qualified on BMW, Honda and Yamaha motorcycles, he is a valuable member of our team.

lyn and lamb

Denise has adopted a orphan lamb which for some strange reason has been named Bubbles McFlurry. Our customers seem to enjoy having a lamb in a nappy around the place. Yes, we are all mad especially Denise.

Alpha Classic Motorcycles Ltd.


Tel:  01278 238090 / 075 161 88848          Email:

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