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Our vapour (aqua) blasting service is proving a huge success not only with our bike nut customers, but with classic car owners too.

We've also blasted boat parts and even bits of a vintage pushbike!


Vapour or Aqua blasting if you prefer, are essentially the same process. It involves tiny glass beads being mixed with water to form a fine slurry which is then propelled at high velocity onto the metal surface to be cleaned.


This process, whilst taking place at very high air pressure, is also very gentle unlike grit blasting or other cleaning methods. Aqua Blasting is the only viable option for cleaning and refinishing softer metals such as aluminiun or brass.


The process will remove surface staining while at the same time peening the metal surface to reduce future staining and corrosion.


Whether you're restoring a motorcycle or any vehicle for that matter, Aqua Blasting is the only way to take proper care of your delicate alloy parts - from engine casings to carbs and crankcases.


Give us a call on 01278 238090 or 075 16188848 to discuss your Aqua Blasting needs.  Being located conveniently just off J22 of the M5, Alpha Classic Motorcycles can easily serve Highbridge, Burnham-on-Sea, Bridgwater, Weston-Super-Mare, Bath, Bristol, Taunton and further afield such as Devon and Dorset. Drop your parts in or post to us.  We will Vapour Blast and post back to you.

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We're also blasting Vintage Jaguar car engines on a regular basis, along with items from mini nuclear reactors.


That's the beauty of vapour blasting, it can be used on a variety of applications.

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