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This is how the 400 came to us, lots of bits and even more rust. We felt sorry for it....

All engine internals were worn out.Weve had the crank rebuilt, cylinders rebored, new pistons and fitted a 350 S2 gearbox and clutch ...


Crankcases ready for new internals. We won't be fitting the KH 400 casing and ignition. It will have S2 350 outer casings and ignition system.

Simon decided to build the chassis in the office but Denise has kicked him and the bike back out into the workshop.


Engine in at last. Waiting for the stainless wheel rims and spokes to arrive.


More or less together now. The new exhausts etc etc will be here this week so should see a lot more progress in April. This is not the paintwork the bike will be wearing. The tank and panels have gone off to be painted by Nigel in Weston,


The Kawasaki will soon be wearing the correct tank and panels. They will be painted H2 750C purple just because thats the way Simon wants it, its his bike so he does what he likes.


We love our old bikes in standard condition but were also not afraid to step outside the box and alter things. We just want to see the bikes on the road being ridden


Dont the 2 triples look great together in the sun.


Found a set of  Higgspeed expansions at last...

Many thanks to Russell in Newport for the pipes.

Kawasaki KH 400 Restoration 


Got the paintwork back. Its a shame the picture doesn't do it justice. Its stunning in the spring sunshine. Just need to sort out the seat to finish the job. Just dont have the time at the moment.


Nearly there. Just needs the choke cables fitted and she will be running. Will soon have her out on the road. Keep an eye out at Weston Super Mare bike nights, we will be there .


Running at last. Wants a good tune up but goes like stink. Needs running in so have to be careful...


Alpha Classic Motorcycles Ltd.


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