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We have a personal and flexible approach that you don’t find at any main dealers. It's our aim to get you back on the road as soon as possible.  We provide complete motorcycle servicing for all makes and models be they Japanese or European.


Motorcycle MOT's

Engine Rebuilds


Tyre Changing

Vapour Cleaning



(All Makes & Models)




Arrow white large caliper earth oil



Two of the 50 or so chemicals to be found in modern pump petrol.


Ethanol is a fuel with a high octane rating - 113 instead of the low 90's petrol can offer.  Isopropyl Alcohol is added to prevent fuel icing.


All looks good so far, but there's a catch ....


They are both water soluble meaning they absorb water from the atmosphere, then dump it in your fuel tank and carbs.


It is impossible to clean every little drilling and airway inside a carb by hand ... it doesn't work.




This is a service we provide when we have a bike in with running problems.

Kawasaki ZZR 1100 con rod after a blow up.


Remember to change your oil !!

This made us laugh .... A homemade earth on a customer's Z1000.


Not the best job we've seen !

Z1000 A2 rear brake caliper.

We could have grown our own potatos in the sludge.


Nothing like clean brake fluid.


1976 Honda 400 / 4 carbs.  Not been run for 6 years.  Absolutely filthy inside and out.

IMG_9238 IMG_9240 IMG_9254 IMG_9251 IMG_9255

400/4 carbs. After a sonic clean and a rebuild with new jets the bike now runs well for a very happy owner...

2 stroke triples

Genuine S3 400 in for some rechroming and investigation into bad running and strange engine noise. Top end coming off on Monday morning

Motorcycle MOT Bay 025

S3 400 all ready to go after a complete engine rebuild. The bad running problem turned out to be a melted engine due to poorly set  up carbs and timing. Rebore, rebuilt crank, new pistons etc. You really do have to know these bikes to get them right.

IMG_9904 WP_20151219_12_27_49_Pro

Specialist Suzuki GT 2 stroke engine building.

This is one we have just completed for a Austrian customer. It will be on it's way back to Vienna in the new year.

Customer Notice


Please be aware that unless previously agreed, all jobs must be collected within 5 days of completion.


After 5 days a storage fee of £10 plus VAT per day (or part thereof) will apply.


Sorry people, but sadly we are not a free storage facility.


Moan Over !!

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